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A cocktail party gives a more glamorous backdrop to a party, a party or any social gathering. Now organize your own cocktail party at Vranas Resort.


Cocktail Party

Whether you want to party with your friends or impress with your party or party, you can organize your own Cocktail Party at Vranas Resort.

Enjoy a unique Cocktail Party all day long. Whether you are on our beach or in the evening for your party – we can offer you unique Cocktails. Our experienced baristas and our large cellar will amaze you with what we can do for you. Combine it with finger foods from our catering and enjoy unique moments of fun.

Cocktail Parties can accompany any event or event you want to have at our venue.

vranas resort cocktail party

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Happenings & Cocktail Party

Want to give your event a more modern look? Whether it is for your wedding party, your celebration or even a more formal event, the cocktail party always gives a more glamorous atmosphere. Create a beautiful, cheerful atmosphere at your celebration event by organizing a cocktail party at the Vranas Resort, where you and your guests can relax and enjoy it.

At Vranas Resort, you can organize unique cocktail parties in all our venues. You can enjoy them at our beach with your friends or in the specially designed event venue, if you prefer more formal. We have open and closed spaces for all needs. Give us your idea and let us curate the space and cocktail menu. We have a specialized barista in cocktails and a large wine cellar to suit all tastes. When making the event, watch real-time cocktail making and learn the secrets to its success. Our baristas will teach you new techniques and flavors in refreshing cocktails that will satisfy even the most demanding ones. the Vranas Resort. We can arrange a beautiful finger foods buffet that will accompany your cocktails and please your guests.

Visit the Vranas Resort seafront, get to know its surroundings, put your imagination to work and we make your dream come true.