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At the birthday party theme we place special emphasis! We want the kid who celebrates and his friends to feel great!

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Birthday party

It is the happiest day for you and your child. He/She has his/her birthday and you want to celebrate it. You want to feel great and have a unique time. We can help!

At the Vranas Resort, we did not forget to miss our little friends. We have made a great corner. A unique playground for playing and having fun. Organize a birthday party at our place with your own idea. Decorate the space with the theme you like and start the party. Birthday parties can also be combined with the catering provided by Vranas Resort especially for young children. Savory and sweet flavors. Soft drinks and juices.

Give unique moments of fun and play to the birthday party for the celebrator and his friends.

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Give our little friends fun!

The birthday of the child is a special day for everyone. How much more for the child itself. Waiting for this day to come how and how. Give him the joy and experience of celebrating his birthday in our multipurpose. Live your child’s birthday at Vranas Resort.

We can and we want to fulfill all your wishes. We are open to all suggestions. Put your imagination to work, design and decorate our space with your own idea. Give a unique character to the party with the beloved hero. We have a separate and separate space that covers all the needs for a birthday party.

To better cover your birthday party at Vranas Resort, you can combine it with our own catering. We have creations exclusively for our little friends, a special menu with lots of savory and sweet delights that will delight them. Variety of juices and soft drinks. And of course everything else appeals to children.

In addition we have a specially designed playground with modern specifications, which can be used by all ages. Spend carefree moments at the birthday party while they are busy in the playground. Includes a plethora of toys for toddlers and inflatables for the older ones. Inside the playground there is always a trained staff who will supervise them throughout the game.

Come have fun and enjoy unique moments of fun and play. Enjoy both you and the kids at the birthday party. Younger and older will adore it.